Since winning a national song writing competition in 1997, Samuel Victor has had a long and varied career in nearly every area of the entertainment industry, and is an award winning and critically acclaimed producer, director, writer, actor and musician. In a career spanning nearly 20 years he has worked for major brands including Star Wars, Disney, Sony and Hamleys, and alongside industry legends, and BAFTA and Oscar winning talents.

Having learned film at both Raindance and the Hollywood Film Institute, Victor studied with Dov SS Simens, the same teacher who taught Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. He has produced several feature films and television drama series’ in both the UK and USA, and has been recognised by BAFTA with two bursaries for producing and screenwriting. As a cinematographer and editor he has won critical acclaim, including receiving the award for “Best Film” at the Planet London awards. He has been the writer-director behind several well received independent feature films with named talent including Gemma Atkinson and Lucy Pinder. He has also produced and directed many well received music videos for VEVO artists, with millions of hits on YouTube.

Victor is a recognisable face both as a lead actor in low budget feature films including Live Justine, Terror Nation, Stagger and The Perfect Love Song, and through speaking roles in mainstream films including Night of the Living 3D Dead, Baseline, The Hooligan Factory, Bonded by Blood and The Infidel. He has worked as a Supporting Artist on many Hollywood films, but his most high profile performance so far is a cameo in the latest Star Wars film: Rogue One, where he filmed on screen dialogue as Blue Two, a U-Wing Pilot.

A music industry veteran since 1997, Victor has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the music industry, including Sony Music, MTV, Channel AKA/U, R Kelly, Eminem’s “Band” D12, Mark Spoon and Junkie XL to name a few. He has written and produced chart music in many genres, spanning from Hip-Hop & RnB, through Dance music, Indie, Rock and mainstream Pop. He has ghost-written lyrics for many platinum selling American rappers, and is an accomplished MC himself, having solo material that has played on BBC Radio One, and performing on stage with groups including NDubz, and at London’s largest capacity nightclub SEOne. He recently rapped with Stormzy on his SnapChat on the set of Brotherhood, and is recording new material as well as remastering his sold out album Magnum Opus which went gold in 2012.

He has appeared on several reality television shows including Pop Idol, Fame Academy, Big Brother’s Little Brother and Project Talent, and has worked on advertising campaigns for brands including Disney Channel, Sony Bravia, Hamleys, Ladbrokes and DrinkAware, with talent including ACDC, Lauren Laverne, Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell. He has also worked on sales, research, marketing and development for industry leading brands including the BBC, Disney Store, Amazon, Toys’R’Us, McDonalds, Ipsos Mori and Disneyland Paris.

As a writer, Victor has had articles published in leading magazines, newspapers and websites on many subjects including film, music, television and video-games. He has written several textbooks on the film industry, including the best selling “Filmmaker’s Bible” and “Filmmaker’s Dictionary”. He is an award winning lyricist, and has had poetry and prose widely published. He has written several feature film scripts which have been optioned and produced, and in 2011 was recognised by BAFTA with a bursary for his script writing. He currently teaches screen-writing for the Welsh Film Institute and through the successful “Four Hour Film School” series of DVDs and courses.

An accomplished artist, Victor has been trained by masters at Disney, and studied traditional hand drawn animation in depth with industry legend Don Bluth (The Land Before Time, An American Tail, Anastasia) and Oscar Winning animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit). Also trained in Computer Generated animation and effects, Victor has created visual effects and titles for many feature films, and has completed courses through Pinewood Studios, the British Film Institute, NUA and the Guardian Newspaper, including studying with Oscar and BAFTA winning Paul J Franklin (Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar).

As an entrepreneur, Victor has developed several businesses over the years, including designing, programming and selling several websites, phone/tablet apps, PC software and videogames. He is currently developing two social networking and several lifestyle apps for IOS and Android, and is programming games for PC, AppStore, Google Play and Nintendo gaming platforms. A keen investor, he owns UK, USA and European stocks, and has taken economics and business courses though Harvard, MiT, Berkeley and Imperial College London.

Victor is a passionate and active participant in many charities, non-profits, good causes, and left-wing and centre-left political groups. He is particularly passionate about environmental and ecological issues, renewable energy, human rights, animal rights, medical research and support, and social issues including tackling homelessness and social inequality. He is proud of his Welsh heritage and supports many Welsh charities and causes, and runs the Welsh Film Institute as a non-profit to help encourage artistic expression, creation of jobs and Worldwide promotional opportunities for Wales.

Born in Gloucester with both Welsh and English roots, Victor currently resides in Cardiff, Wales with his wife and two children. He has many interests including keeping fit, following politics, stand-up comedy, computer programming, 80s/90s nostalgia, retro video games, and collecting comics and Disneyana.


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